About Us

The Sunshine Coast Lavender Farm can best be described as a family operated agricultural adventure, striving for a productive coexistence as a working farm within a primarily residential area.

Currently the farm operates on a 3 acre parcel of land owned by ourselves; the husband and wife team of Mike and Allyson Fawcus, however the growing fields also spill over onto the neighbouring 2 acre property owned by Mike’s parent’s Chris and Wendy Fawcus.

This combined 5 acres provides space for 3 separate dwellings, our small herd of goats (and their seasonal offspring), a flock of chickens, family gardens and ample space for three generations of the Fawcus family to grow and play. In among all that we've managed to fit 4 separate plots to grow our Lavender.

We are currently cultivating four varieties of lavender for use in the majority of our Farm Crafted products; all of which are available though our website; at our Farm Store; and through various local seasonal markets and fairs on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. We hope to expand into a few retail outlets in the future.

The most frequently asked question we field (pun intended) on a regular basis: So why a Lavender Farm?

In 2008 we built our current home, and almost immediately we knew that we wanted the property to become something more than simply a place to live; we wanted the property to produce something that we could share with others, and help support our growing family.

As we slowly cleared and developed the land into a “blank canvas” we continually researched and investigated a variety of agricultural options trying to find that perfect fit.

Experimenting with our own kitchen garden, we found we faced a number of challenges including an always hungry population of local deer, as well as a natural soil base that did not lend well to the production growing of produce, without a significant enhancement.

Lavender is not only deer resistant, but thrives in a soil quality that would be considered as “poor” by most agricultural standards…and with these discoveries it was almost as though a fog had been lifted and a clear future for our property revealed.

The learning curve has been steep, and continuous, however with each new lesson, new ambitions are born, and as such our farm is constantly evolving and growing with endless possibilities.

Future plans include the creation of tour-able fields and the cultivation and production of other herbs and botanicals for use in our products, effectively becoming as self sustaining as possible.

We welcome you to join us in our adventure, and invite you to follow our journey via our website, our social media or in person by visiting the farm.